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Flexible Tube Slug
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Flexible tube Aluminium Slug

1)Flexible tube Aluminium Slug Material:
1050/1060/1070 Pure Aluminium Slug (content greater than or equal to 99.5%/99.6%/99.7%) Hardness: 16HB-23HB

2)The applicable dimension of Flexible tube Aluminium Slug shall conform to table 1.

Table 1
  Unit : mm
Thickness 0.8 to 25
Diameter 3 to 220

3)Dimensions of Flexible tube Aluminium Slug shall conform to Table 2 which indicates dimensional tolerances:
Table 2
Unit : mm
Thickness Tolerance in thickness Tolerance in diameter
Guaranteed value - 3 to 20 Over 20
to 60
Over 60
to 220
Over 0.8 to 3.5 +0.05~-0.05
Over 3.5 to 6.5 +0.05~-0.03        
Over 6.5 to 8.5 +0.05~-0.05   +0.05, -0.03 ±0.05 +0.07, -0.05
Over 8.5 to 17 +0.08~-0.05        
Over 17 to 25 +0.08~-0.05        

4)Flexible tube Aluminium Slug Shape:
Mainly for the round, can also be produced in accordance with customer drawings shaped, such as oval, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, suitable for stretching, surface oxidation, mainly for the production of various types of Flexible tube etc .;

5)Flexible tube Aluminium Slug with application Field:
Henan Signialuminium in order to meet the needs of the market and meet customer needs, can produce a variety of cold extrusion production process of Aluminium Slug, by stretching into Flexible tube etc, the products are widely used in Flexible tube industry,etc fields.

6)Flexible tube Aluminium Slug Feature:
A. In accordance with the needs of customers to processed into different shapes, sizes;
B. Good Product plasticity, easy to stretch, Good corrosion-resistant, and excellent appearance;
C.Production according to the International Standards: EN 570/573,ROHS,SGS.etc
D.Product surface without burrs, no lace, no broken layer, no tree dermatoglyphs, no indentation, no oil, bright and clean, homogenizing annealing, moderate hardness, due to many steps of inspection, quality assurance.